Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BUT, as for me....

Micah 7:7, " But as for me, I will look to the Lord;  I will wait for The Lord of my salvation; my God will hear me."

It's interesting to me that the first six verses  Micah is complaining about all that is wrong and then in verse seven he has an epiphany, he says, "As for me, I will look to The Lord."    Micah was referring to the corrupt  unfaithful leaders before him when he said, "As for me."  Micah is  comparing  himself to the watchmen of verse four when he said, " I will look."  The word "look" is the same Hebrew verb  as watchmen, it means I will wait, my God will hear me.

So many times we get stuck in complaining about the leaders, the unjust, the useless mundane every day grind of life and we loose sight of  keeping our eyes on Jesus..Micah said, the godly has vanished from the earth, there is no upright among us, they all lie in wait for blood, and each hunts each other with nets, their hands do what is evil, and they do it well, they yell out the evil desires of their souls, they hate their neighbor, and have no confidence in their friends, all the family members have turned against each other, BUT for me, I will look to The Lord; I will wait for The Lord of my salvation because I know he hears me.  Can you say this, with that amount  of  confidence today ?  Who are you looking at?  Who are you talking to ?  Micah was saying everything is falling down around me and Lord it would be easy for me to lose my focus BUT I refuse to think of you that small.  I refuse to allow the circumstance around me to determine who You are in my life.  I will not be pushed around by impatience, or dragged through the mire of doubt and unbelief, No!!! I will feast my eyes upon my Lord and rejoice in knowing the fruit of patience I devour freely because I know my Lord has not been deafened by the noise of this world.    Although Micah started out with a cry of morning he ended  up with confidence in His God.  He said, " Rejoice not over me my enemy, when I fall, I shall rise; When I sit in darkness The Lord will be a light to me."  Somebody needs to shout today because the victory is yours, your failures has become your tuition for your success which was once said by a fellow author, Walter Brunel ....Choices are for the living
Keep your eyes on The Lord, and have confidence in the fact God does not have a hearing aid..

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